For custom tabletop miniatures sculpting and design service and Old School (and "Oldhammer") style miniatures sales. 

This is the webstore for purchasing tabletop miniatures made by Satyr Art Studio. Our sculpting service studio is based in San Francisco, California. Our products are shipped worldwide from the USA and also from the United Kingdom.

We primarily provide custom, commercial grade, miniature sculpting services for toy companies and tabletop wargame hobby manufacturers. However, when we get the itch to make something for ourselves, this is where you may find it being sold.

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Satyr Art Studio: Miniature Sculpting Services

Drew Day Williams

Satyr Studio Sculptor

Who are "we"?

Though I rely on the support and services of several friends, parners, and affiliates, my business is primarily about myself, the sculptor and owner. 

Satyr Studio is the name of my sculpting studio. I'm Drew Day Williams. I have education and training, via art schools (GFA Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MFA Academy of Art University in San Francisco) and in the field, as an illustrator, a mask maker, a maquette sculptor, and an art teacher. But primarily I have been specializing in miniature sculpture (since 1998). 

  Many know about my work through the hundreds of small scale miniatures I've made for other business, both large and small, in the tabletop gaming industry, over the past twenty years. I have occasionally worked for large corporations such as Games Workshop and Wizkids. However it is the more intimate and boutique developers in our industry that I gravitate towards. Notable hobby product creators such as Dwarven Forge, Diehard Miniatures, and Otherworld are a few examples.  


Though this webstore exists to sell my own products, Satyr Art Studio is primarily my creative contract service for other businesses in the tabletop gaming and toy industries. So if you are looking to pay for original miniature prototypes, read below for fees and terms.


My base rate for a typical 28mm figure is $350. Even smaller figures rate at around this same price. Size, detail and design complexities can increase a quoted price up to and exceeding $1,200. Sometimes reductions in price are applied to orders of multiple figures.

My fee for sculpting variant parts (bits) ranges between $100 to $200 each. This does not include standard production segmentations. Each figure quote assumes/includes 1 to 3 segmentations to accomodate any typical mold making and casting needs.

Revision Fee +20%

Rush Order Fee +30% 

Kill Fee +50% 


All project materials, including concept art, samples, references, and instructions, must be ready at time of start. Changes to instructions after start incur a fee. Project approval via image update and payment in full before delivery of product. All fees are based upon the assumption of timely market exposiure, indefinite portfolio rights, retention of originals (or remnants), and finished product samples. Exception to such terms are negotiable for additional fees.

I prefer 50% advance before start for any single order in excess of $2,000.

Delivery and Insurance fees are not included.


I also provide miniatures production consultation and concept design services for additional fees.

Since I've been at this stuff for a while, I've come to know many other creatives and service providers in my field. So if we are engaged in a project, I will be happy to include my referrals to other professional colleagues for your concept design, production, packaging, and fulfilment needs.


Read below for comments from a few of our more recent and regular clients....

Drew is my sculptor for Skull &Crown miniatures, for good reason- several, actually.

Drew not only brings his sculpting skills to the table, but also his knowledge of the industry, casting, and how to sculpt for the mold, working with me to insure all requirements are met before starting. He’s a true collaborator which always insures the best quality.

Thomas Foss
Owner of Skull & Crown Strategems Inc. in San Jose CA.

Where we deliver from:

Our sculpting studio and domestic fulfilment is located in San Francisco, California, USA. But we also maintain stock in the United Kingdom through our second mold making and casting provider, Scotia Grendel.  Studio visits are by appointment only. Email us at the address listed at the bottom of the page to arrange a time.


Scotia Grendel Productions Hallgreen Castle inverbervie Montrose DD10 0PE

Art Studio PST Grendel GMT/BST

Mondays — Fridays

10 AM — 7 PM and 9 AM — 6 PM


10 AM — 4 PM and Closed



A final note about our product distribution:

   To help save on our customer's shipping costs, we process fulfillments from the two locations indicated above. The first is from our home studio in San Francisco California, shipping to all locations in the U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, and Japan. The second is from our U.K. casting service provider Scotia Grendel, in Scotland, delivering to our many loyal buyers in the U.K. and the E.U..

  If you are ordering from a country NOT listed above, place your order anyway, and we will make the necessary adjustments to accommodate you, shipping from whichever location is most efficient.

Thank you.

Do you have questions? Want to comission a project? Contact Drew directly!

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